The watchtower, built in the 13th century, secured the way to Mainz in the Middle Ages. Between 1485 and 1490, it was given a half-timbered upper storey with corner towers and a high pointed helmet. In 1757, the half-timbered structure was removed and replaced by a pyramid roof. In 1850 it was given a crenellated flat roof with polygonal corner towers. The battlements and corner towers were removed in 1958 and rebuilt in 1990/91 during a general renovation. The tower has been privately owned since 1804.

Extract from the Official Gazette of the City of Kaub No. 28 of 1964

The economic importance of the Zöllerviertel, by A. Scheinpflug

The right half of Zollstrasse 48, at the corner of Schloßweg, was rebuilt after a fire by the helmsman Johann David Erlenbach, the left half by the official pharmacist Bertram Simon.

In 1849, the official pharmacist Bertram Simon, owner of the left half of Zollstrasse 50 with the historic Mainz Gate Tower, died.

On 23 September 1849, Simon's heirs sold the four-storey new building together with the Mainzer Torturm with Altan (terrace), which had been converted into a residential house, to his neighbour for 10,580 gulden.

The buyer and thus also the founder of the Hotel Turm was the pilot Johann David Erlenbach and his wife Elisabeth née Heller.

From 1849 to 1861 Johann David Erlenbach was the owner and landlord of the Hotel Turm.

From 1861 to 1881 his widow Elisaeth was the owner and landlady of the Hotel Turm.

From 1881 to 1896 their son, the helmsman August Erlenbach, became the owner.

In 1896, he died in a boiler explosion near Aßmannshausen on the ship he was steering.

Until her death in 1901, his widow Karoline Wilhelmine Friederika Erlenbach, née Erlenbach, was the landlady of the Hotel Turm.

From 1901 to 1954, the Hotel Zum Turm belonged to the pilot David Erlenbach.

In 1954, his son Paul Erlenbach took over the Hotel Zum Turm from his heirs.

In 1976 Paul Erlenbach died and his wife Hede continued to run the hotel.

In 1976, in the course of the inheritance settlement, the Mainzer Torturm was sold to the couple Joseph and Maria Henrich from Herten (Westf.).

In 1982, the widow and landlady Hede Erlenbach sold the hotel to the gastronomic couple Albert Müller from Mainz-Kastell.

In 1986, the historic Mainz Gate Tower was taken over by the Kauber Volksbank and extensively renovated over a period of 3 years.

In 1993, Karin and Harald Kutsche acquired the Hotel Zum Turm without the historic tower from the Müller family.

In 2008, the Kutsche family leased the historic Mainz Gate Tower from the Volksbank Rhein-Lahn and, after a short renovation, it could be offered to hotel guests.

In 2013, the historic Mainzer Torturm became the property of the Kutsche family and has been available for hotel guests ever since.


The historic "Mainzer Torturm" with a generous living space of approx. 60 sqm on 3 floors, was renovated and completely refurnished by us in 2008. 2 very nice tower rooms with comfortable box-spring beds are located on the 1st and 2nd floor. Also on the 2nd floor, in the comfort double room, there is an elegant rain shower in an alcove. The tower has satellite reception, telephone, minibar, IMac computer and a panoramic view of the Rhine.  Our tower can only be rented as a whole, regardless of the number of persons, as the sanitary facilities are only provided once.

On the top level there is a cosily furnished lounge with multimedia equipment, vinotheque, espresso bar and a sofa bed (160 x 200 cm), which can also be used as an additional extra bed.


Old wine label and postcard of the hotel "Zum Turm"